What We Offer


We help in maximising your full potential our extensive network of experienced ex professionals, qualified coaches and scouts brings together a vast amount of knowledge and experience to guide you through every stage of your football career and beyond. This is backed by a strong team of legal, financial, business, marketing and PR experts. We have strong links with local businesses, national organisations and international brands to secure the very best sponsorship and endorsement deals.

A member of our team is available to you 24/7 every day of the year and by either watching you live or monitoring performance through 'Wyscout', for every game you play we aim to offer constructive feedback and assessment to ensure your continual development.

Contract Negotiations

FA registered (IMS 003439) our trusted reputation means we negotiate the contracts our clients need with diplomacy and expertise. We work with some of the best legal brains in the country who specialise in contracts for professional athletes and have vast experience in dealing with the many nuances these can present.

We advise on every aspect from initial negotiations through to the contractual implications of promotion and relegation, bonuses and equitable settlement offers. Our legal team of experts make sure the contract not only meets the present market value of the player, but also accounts for long term career planning.

Lifestyle Management

Our selected business partners work closely with I.M. Maguire and the client to provide a transparent, high quality service in all aspects of lifestyle.

Club Sourcing

We negotiate contracts for players playing at all levels of football including National and internationally.

Commercial Opportunities

We work the best media and commercial agencies to give our clients the most exposure and the best lucrative commercial opportunities. This is a process that needs skill and judgement and is sometimes about managing expectations and taking a longer term view to ensure a short term gain does not cause long term pain.

Public Relations

We are known for enhancing our clients’ image and reputation and for effective media brokering. We know as your reputation grows the risks of bad publicity increase significantly. We have experts who have strategies in place to deal with any scenario in the best possible way.

Financial Services

I. M Maguire have formed partnerships with two of the largest financial and accounting institutions in the UK. We will ensure you are not hoodwinked into any tax avoidance schemes that have hit so many professionals in recent years. With tax planning expertise and the very best financial planning we aim to set out a clear strategic goal to maintain your long term financial security.

Charity and Community support

We are proud to support a number of charities, clubs and support groups. Every year we commit to giving 5% of our profits to good causes and sponsor numerous grass roots football teams and tournaments. Check out our newsfeed to see our latest fundraising.